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I know you’ve always wanted to turn the clock back.

We’ve all dabbled at least once in the idea of going back in time. Some of us remain on the normal end of the spectrum where logic prevails and assures us that it is indeed impossible, while others prefer the Doctor Who end that gives them renewed hope every Thursday night on Netflix.

Now, I don’t have time to go into the details as to why time travel is scientifically improbable, but what I can do is point you in the direction of the next best thing: wine from a different time.

Those among us who are patient enough know how satisfying it is to throw a vintage into a French Oak barrel and wait for it to get better as the year’s tick by. While it’s slightly more exciting than watching paint dry, it certainly takes a boatload of delayed gratification.

That’s why it’s preferable to leave this incredibly mundane part of the process to the winery. Then you can waltz on in on your day of choice and request that these aged wines be dug up for your distinct pleasure. We all know how it goes.

But not every winery does this the same. Some wineries age wines based on variety and vintage. Others age their wine purely for experimental purposes. Not all wines should be aged, and we know that how? Case in point.

Then there’s a winery in South Australia that though they’d age their wines for a different reason. They’ve been quite a few memorable years in the last century that have gone down in history as worthy of remembrance. What better way to remember them, then, than to drink to them? There is a better way: drink to them with wine that was barreled in that year.

Seppeltsfield is the only winery in the whole world that releases a single vintage each year that’s one hundred years old. I’ll let that sink in for a second. That’s a long time. This isn’t all they’ve done with their aging wines, however. In fact, they’ve gotten quite carried away with the entire gag.

They have a Taste Your Birth Year Tour where – you guessed it – you can taste a wine that began aging the year you were born. You can indulge your wildest time machine fantasies by going on the Moments in History Tour, where you can try a wine that was preserved in the year that Elvis Presley died, or even when the Titanic sank.

Honestly, I feel at this point that it’s selling itself.

Seppeltsfield Wines

Seppeltsfield Elixir III Charmingly Caramel: You may not be reminded of a bygone era when you taste this vintage, but you will be pleased to know you’re sampling some of the most exceptional South Australian wine available.

You’ll get notes of caramel and honeycomb on the nose with a light and fresh palate to follow. If you love your desserts, try a sip or two of this indulgent wine with a sticky date pudding.

NV Solero DP57 Grand Tokay: This Seppeltsfield varietal is quite the wine trip when it comes to flavor. With a starting point of sweet tea leaf, you’ll go on a ride through butterscotch and caramel. The delicate natural balance of acidity rounds it off nicely.

Get your laughing gear around this one with a bit of cheese and some fig chutney.

NV Para Grand Tawny: I’m going out on a limb with this one, but hey. When you’re in the business of time traveling your wines, all logic goes out the door. Their tawny port is rich, full-bodied and luscious, with a concentrated amount of flavors that linger. It has a mellow, smooth finish.

You don’t have to renew your Netflix subscription to get a taste for time traveling. Just take a visit to South Australia where you’ll find a group of people who are fascinatingly passionate about preserving their drops.

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