How to Inspire the Winemaking Process

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There are two things to get clear when talking about the Brown Brothers.

The first is that there are many Browns, not just the brothers. The second is that there is a tradition here – but they don’t want to be known as traditional.

If we slide down this slope any further we may not come back up, so let’s talk in layman’s terms. The history of the Brown family has led to an innovative wine company that always want to be looking ahead.

You like it when things are made out of love, right? Getting a hand-made card from your little cousin Suzie on your birthday is so much more meaningful than that crumpled up $20 bill Uncle Marcus flicked your way.

What we’re trying to say is: we’re humans. This means that we look for that personalized touch in our product. As lovely as it is to think of robots carrying out our every beck and call, it’s nicer to imagine a world where humans still talk to one another.

We can take the Brown family all the way back to 1889 when a Brown by the name of John Francis thought it would be worth his time to make some wine.

The rest is history – literally. These days, the Brown family are busy experimenting with innovative grape varieties, which you can witness first-hand at any of their cellar doors scattered across the Australian outback.

This type of strategy and work ethic leads to some complicated logistics. Because the Brown Brothers know that everyone has a slightly different wine preference, they can never stand still – they’re always fingering the wine pulse to keep ahead of you and your fickle, ever-changing palette.

This, inevitably, will lead to some discrepancies in the Brown Brother’s wines. We can guarantee that there will be some vintages and labels that you won’t like at all. The person sitting next to you might, though – and it’s this reason that keeps this wine company taking risks.

Now, you may be someone who is fiercely loyal to Australian wine – and we can’t knock you, the stuff is great (usually). However, in this type of industry, it pays to be open-minded.

The inspiration for Great Wine

The Brown Brothers have a poorly kept secret that has helped many of their wines to becoming award-winning and known the world over.

They are always listening out for what’s happening offshore. One of their biggest inspirations for experimenting with wine is the stories that friends, colleagues, and customers share their experiences with wine overseas.

The Brown Brothers also enjoy a fair bit of traveling themselves, making sure they’re digging around in all four corners of the world. The more they can see what everyone else is doing, the better a variety they can produce.

While it’s difficult to pinpoint where they source most of their inspiration, there are a couple of countries worthy of a mention. Italy and Spain fall into the crosshairs quite a bit, for a number of different reasons.

One of these reasons is the terrestrial environment. Interestingly, both Italy and Spain have similar growing environments to offer as Australia. This means that anything the Brown Brothers have their eye on in Italy or Spain can be incorporated into Australian outback winemaking.

They hold their breath when one of their esteemed wine seekers comes back from overseas. They could have the next award-winning varietal tucked carefully away in their suitcase – you just never know.

There’s a lot more to know about the Brown Brothers that make them outstanding winemakers. From grit, determination, and a tireless drive that you couldn’t kill if you tried, they aim to be little Suzie and not Uncle Marcus.

Uncle Marcus was always a little creepy, anyway.

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