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The First Shot Ever Served: A Tale of the West story image

July 15 shots

The First Shot Ever Served: A Tale of the West

It’s always a race against the heat in the West. Hell, there’s a score of difference races around here. There’s a race to the riches and a race to the hills where the riches lay. There’s a race to food and shelter and the means in which a man might make to get them. There’s a race to the women and to the brothels and saloons where you can find them at. I don’t look for my women in those places but I often find myself in them for other races. Mine is a race to whiskey. It’s only a matter of time before I find myself in one today.

Matt Wilson’s Killer Pictures story image

July 23 Photography

Matt Wilson’s Killer Pictures

Today we sat with Matt Wilson, a portrait and lifestyle photographer whose wine photography breathes true life into the pages of many leading wine magazines.

Santorini & Greek Wine Varietals story image

July 18 Santorini

Santorini & Greek Wine Varietals

Santorini is perched high above the sea, approximately 900 feet. Access to the island is by ship and a cable car ride up to the top of the island cliff. The architecture, whitewashed cubical structures give the island a very clean modern appearance. In a way it reminds me of the adobe homes one finds on a Pueblo in New Mexico. The only difference is the sandstone hues with brown accents versus Santorini’s crisp white facades often decorated in blue trim, especially the domed roofs.

How Caley Shoemaker is Changing the Game in the World of Distilling story image

July 17 Distillers

How Caley Shoemaker is Changing the Game in the World of Distilling

With a decade of experience and a penchant for creating inimitable flavor profiles, Hanger 1 Distillery’s Caley Shoemaker has proved to be a glimmering gem in the teeming spirits space.

Andrea Leon story image

July 09 chilean wine

Andrea Leon

Today we spoke with Andrea Leon, a winemaker living amongst the vines in Colchagua Valleyin Chile. And when we say amongst the vines, we mean it. She and her family live right next to their vines, giving them a direct feel for the earth and how it shapes their wine.

Rum, the Spirit of The American Revolution story image

July 03 Rum

Rum, the Spirit of The American Revolution

Revolutionaries some call us, rebellion our fight and liberty our companion. You see, we’ve been fighting for our liberty from the crown. A crown hell-bent on seeing us as their royal subjects.

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