The Original Garage Kings

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The garage kings are out there and we wanted to let you know you’re not alone. While you’re playing your instruments for the whole neighborhood to hear, it might seem like you’ll never be heard on the radio. You’re cooped up in your parent’s garage sweating your asses off finding your own unique sound. You might even be practicing for your upcoming coffeeshop gig. If you’re one of these garage bands just now that you’re in good company. And if you’re one of their neighbors quick to complain, you should take a moment and listen. You might just be listening to the next Ramones or Nirvana.

That’s right, some of today’s top influential bands had their first practices together behind those automatic garage doors. It’s rather impressive really and makes a lot of sense bands were able to create their unique sounds in the comfort of a garage. Bands like The Ramones and Weezer had a ‘safe space’ to develop a sound completely unique to them, without studio pressure or the financial hurdles of a recording studio. And while some of you might think, didn’t all bands get started in their garage? Think of it this way. A lot of bands form by combining forces as established musicians. So it is truly unique for a group of virtually unknown individuals to team up for the love of making music and make it all the way to the top of the charts.

If we may, it is also a lovely sight to picture in one’s fantasy all of these bands and how it must have been in those garages. Can you imagine Kurt Cobain’s mother waltzing in complaining about how they unplugged the garage fridge again for their amplifier? Or could you imagine the neighbors of The Ramones witnessing the birth of the first punk rock band without knowing what punk rock is? It’s an awesome reminder that we each have our own story, not only as people, but for those of us who are musicians.

Here at sommtable.com Magazine we like to believe the next Nirvana is slaying away as a garage band right now and we want to supply them with a little article of encouragement. So without further ado, here is a list of some notorious bands who began in their garages.

The Ramones: Yes, if any band was truly a family under one house (or garage door) it is the Ramones. After all, every member of the band changed their last name to Ramone to literally live and breadth their music. As the band largely considered as the first punk rock band, we can only imagine the type of rowdiness they developed inside the close confines of a garage, (and their electric bill).

Nirvana: Probably the most recognizable band on this list, Nirvana formed in 1987 developing their unique grunge sound in a suburban garage. Their success might have started from being played on college radio stations but neighbors were hearing them first. Could you imagine being one of them? Grunge music is a completely new genre that took the end of the century by storm. Maybe it was the state of the garage that inspired it?

Creedence Clearwater Revival: What originally was banded as “The Blue Velvets” and later the “Golliwogs,” the Tom and John Fogerty band started writing songs in the 1960s in their garage. Doug Clifford joined them and made ‘the revival’ and eventually went on to become the acclaimed Creedence Clearwater Revival. Curious how they came up with so many great names under one garage roof.

The Kinks Originally hailing from North London, the Ray and Dave Davies band indeed is another family formed band that started in a garage. With such a unique blend of country, folk, and R&B, (yes, they said they were influenced by R&B), you can only imagine the type of jam sessions that went down behind garage doors. It also goes to show, garage bands were an international phenom. All you need is a roof and a few plugs to start a band. Oh, and of course the instruments!

The Runaways Out of all the bands on this list, most people could have probably guessed The Runaways were a garage band. The all woman rockers set a cherry bomb off in the Rock N’ Roll scene. Let’s hope they weren’t lighting them off in their garage. Actually, who are we to tell them what to do. That’s rock n roll! The Runaways are also a reminder its not just about the garage but who’s in the band. Unique people in unique circumstances make for unique music!

The Kingsmen In the late 1950s, five teenagers from Portland crammed into a garage and began making Rock N’ Roll. We now know them as The Kingsmen with their famous version of “Louie, Louie,” but many people might be surprised they started in a band. Maybe it was that North West weather that kept them inside, but either way — it obviously worked out!

Paul Revere and The Raiders Paul Revere, the founder of the band met future band mate Mark Lindsay, in a bakery. No wonder the band went on to create, “Hungry.” From a bakery to a garage that’s how you cook up the tunes. A garage is also the kitchen, the oven and everything in between. Don’t be afraid to turn up the heat!

The Who The 1964 English formed band gave us several decades of great music, but most of their fans might be surprised to hear they got their start in a garage. Unfortunately Keith Moon’s death in 1978 was a shock to fans and the band members alike. It’s nice to know they spent intimate moments together curating and forming their sound. If you’re in a garage band, cherish these moments!

Weezer There is something very identifiable about Weezer. And when you find out they started out as a garage band it makes complete sense why we get that feeling. It also makes sense how a garage band would go on to write the well known “Beverly Hills” after tarting off playing in a garage. For most garage bands it would have any band fantasizing about playing in Beverly Hills, considering garages there are bigger than most people’s houses.

Your Garage Band That’s right, your garage band is on this list, because for all we know – you could be the next garage band to make it big. We hope this list has encouraged you to meet for practice as soon as possible. Each one of these bands are completely unique and as different from each other as can be. They all have two things in common, their love for making great music, and their start in a garage. If you have two and two… what are you waiting for?

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